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6 Ways to Decorate Nursery with things you already have

Decorating a room in the shabby chic style is a great way to recycle your old things. Shabby chic is a type of design where furniture items are chosen for their worn look. You can also mix and match different decors gives off a shabby chic style. Once you’ve bought all the essentials for your baby – from stocks of diapers to the perfect stroller – then it’s the perfect time to turn your attention to making the nursery room look great… you’ll be spending a lot of time in there!

Look at these shabby chic style elements and see what you can bring to your child’s nursery.

  1. Shabby chic items appeared aged and weathered but really aren’t

    A nursery room for a toddler looks really chic and sophisticated. To get that look, you can take a bunk bed, or regular bed and paint it heavily. This will require several layers of paint. Glaze, and then sand the beds to make it appear older than it is. Your bunk bed or regular bed will look like an antique although it is not.

  2. Shabby chic items are decorated with lovely floral garlands

    Decorating a room with flowers works well for a girl’s nursery, but not so much for a boys. Your girl’s room strewn with flower garlands can not only look good and smell good, especially if you use fresh flowers. Plastic flowers will probably be a better financial choice, especially if you already have some on hand. If you have a supply of flowers outside of your home, you can string up the garlands and place them on your canopy bed, baby crib, mirror and dresser.Read more on floral decorating ideas

  3. Shabby chic items are decorated with cherubs

    a cheery, chubby cherub is the perfect sophisticated addition to a nursery. You can’t help but smile when you see one. Be sure that when decorating a room; find as many different versions of a cherub that you can find. They will make you smile.

  4. Shabby chic items use linens in the old French style

    6 Ways to Decorate Nursery  with things you already haveThe linens that you are decorating a room in the shabby chic style are pure white, ecru, or soft, neutral colors. Beige and sky blue would work for a boy’s room. Rose pink would work for a girl’s room. You can use these linens on the beds, of course. Don’t forget about the curtains. A snatch of fabric with a vintage florals will complete the look. If you can’t find any of the correct tint, you can stain linen or cotton with tea; it gives the same look.Click here to read more about colors

  5. Shabby chic items like pie safes, and jelly closets double as your dresser

    You may not have a pie safe or jelly closet in your house, but you can find one on an antiquing trip. Decorating a room with things that you have on hand isn’t always an option. If you want to complete the look, you may have to go outside of your home for some pieces. A pie safe and jelly closet would work great to hold clothing or toys in you child’s nursery.

  6. Shabby chic items can feature a chandelier

    What a great way to finish off the nursery room for a toddler. A chandelier is unexpected in a toddler’ s room, but works, especially if it matches with the style and the look you want to portray.


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