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How to Decorate a Toddler Boy’s Room?

Decorating a room for a toddler can be just as fun as decorating any room in your home. Nursery room for a toddler has to have lots of things that a toddler would love. The first thing that you have to do is ask yourself, “What does my toddler like?”

What do toddlers like?

A toddler is a boy or girl aged between one and three years old. Children of that age like television characters like Sesame Street’s Elmo, Disney Channel’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Nick Jr.’s Dora the Explorer. Decorating a room with these characters in mind is pretty easy because the stores are filled with products with those emblems on them. This probably what a toddler would want, but a parent may want something a little different. A parent may want something a little more educational and brain stimulating. Here is a good post to read on educational kids room ideas and decorations

What colors are traditionally used in a toddler room?

A nursery room for a toddler is usually pink for girls and blue for boys. Some parents go off the cuff and choose eclectic colors like grey, white, or yellow even. Pink works because it is associated with baby girls and relaxes whoever looks like it. Blue works for boys because it is associated with baby boys and indicates honesty and trustworthiness. Grey is a neutral color that works for boys and girls and works with both pink and blue. The color grey means sophistication and formality. White works for both sexes because it represents the purity of a new born baby. It also represents softness, sincerity, and beginnings. Yellow, on the other hand is not a good choice for a baby’s room. Although it is used prominently in children’s products, it does not belong on their walls. Babies cry more in rooms that are painted yellow. Too much yellow makes one lose focus and makes it hard for people to complete a task.Click here to read more about colors and personality

How to Decorate a Toddler Boy's Room?

What color should you pick?

You are free to decorate your nursery room for a toddler any way that you want, but if you want to stimulate your toddler, choose a bold color. Red is a vibrant color that is very stimulating, but no one wants a stimulated toddler, especially right before bed. Black should never be chosen because it represents fear, death, and evil. Those are not the best colors for anyone’s bedroom, in fact. It is interesting to note that red and black together were used in a very popular line of baby toys from he company Genius Babies. This is because high contrast toys are the best, especially for babies, but for toddlers as well.Read more about color and their meaning

These high contrast toys hold children’s attention, help visual stimulation, and encourage their visual development. If you’d like, when decorating a room for a baby or toddler, use splashes of red and black for stimulating. You can stick to the basic baby colors of pink, baby blue, grey, but avoid yellow, and add red and black toys to stimulate your toddler.

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