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Great Inspirations for a Boy + Girl Nursery Room

Decorating a room for a boy or a girl is usually not as tricky as decorating for a boy and a girl. You can choose muted colors for either sex or you can choose colors outside of the traditional pink and blue colors.Read more about colors .Decorating for a boy and girl takes time and consideration, but first consider why the two are paired up in the first place.

Why pair a boy and a girl in the same room?

Putting a boy and a girl in the same room works if you are decorating a room for siblings. Twins as toddlers work in this situation. You can try a “Peas in the Pod” theme for a pair of fraternal twins. Green is a color that is gender neutral color that can work for both a boy or a girl. You can choose a dark green for your boy like jade, emerald, or moss green. You can choose a light shade of green for your girl like sea foam, apple, or beryl. If you don’t want to do different colors, pea green is an obvious choice. You can choose any one of these color combinations in your twins’ rooms.

Putting a brother and sister of different ages is a horse of a different color, no pun intended. You want to consider both of the children’s ages and genders when you decorate their room.Click here to read a good post on decorating a toddler room in a budget. You don’t want the age differences to be too vast so that there is no confusion in the room. If possible, you can split the room right down the middle. Make the right side of the room a nursery room for a toddler; you can have all of their toys, toddler bed, and games on one side of the room. Reserve the left side of the room for your older child’s video games, bed, and sports equipment. A good choice as far as bedding is to opt for a bunkbed.

Inspirations for a boy + girl nursery

Now that you have a jumping off point, consider other ways that you can join brother and sister together:

  1. Trees

    TreesTress are a nice, peaceful theme that boys and girls can relate to. A nursery room for a toddler can feature a nice “growing tree” ala Shell Silverstein drawn on the wall. You can incorporate brown and green colors in the bedding and curtains.

  2. Superheroes

    Not all superheroes are male. Wonder woman, Cat woman, female Superman, and She-hulk and superheroes that can be incorporated into a superhero themed bedroom.

  3. Alphabet

    AlphabetA great and educational way to decorate a boy and girl bedroom is with many different letters of the alphabet. You can stick to American letters, or go international and add some foreign characters. A great way to start is to inscribe each child’s name on their side of the room.

  4. Airplanes

    Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart were accomplished women aviators and this theme is a great nursery room for a toddler, boy or girl.

Children are born to be different one and another; every baby still unique, even twin babies. That’s why designing nursery room for a toddler can be the smartest step to welcome your new coming toddler

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