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Table saw safety tips

table-sawIn 21st century, instead of best table saw, machines are used to bring convenience to the work of human being. A wood saw is also one of these machines widely used nowadays. Table saw, also called as a saw bench, is an essential tool used in the field of wood working. It consists of a saw blade that is placed on an arbor and an electric motor run it, either by a belt or some gears or no matter directly, (depending upon the making of the machine). The purpose of a saw table is to cut the wood quickly and easily. Like other machines, a table saw is also needed to be used cautiously as it can be very dangerous.

Safety measure for using a table saw

One must follow the following rules before using the table saw in order to avoid any kind of hazardous effects.


Before one begins to use the table saw, he must keep in mind the following rules.

  1. One must not be clothed loosely.
  2. If having long sleeves, must be rolled above.
  3. Shoes wearing must be non-skid.
  4. There must be no item in the pockets.
  5. Eyes and ears must be protected.
  6. The tightness of blades must be checked
  7. The power switch must be turned off when starting and ending.

Startup procedure

  1. The height of the blades should be set in such a manner that it must not extend more than 3/8 over the surface area of the work piece.
  2. Blade guard should always be used.
  3. Splitter and riving knife should be placed in place. In this way the kickback can be prevented
  4. Stacking of work piece must be avoided during cutting.
    Hands and finger must not be positioned in the path of blade.
  5. The stock must not be pulled from the behind.

Take a look at the guides and reviews at independent sites such as which provides help and comments that are useful when choosing a new saw. Look for models with any of the following properties.

  1. It could be taken anywhere any place easily.
  2. It shows no mercy in the process of cutting and cut everything ranging from a simple small thin sheet to huge dadoes.
  3. The table size as well as the size of the motor of a best table saw is always large enough so that all kinds of purposes could be fulfilled. It must spread to its maximum width.
  4. Similarly the safety measures about kickbacks and dust collection are also an interest of the buyers. If considered by the company, the table saw is said to be the best table saw in the market.
  5. And at the end, of course, the stability and durability of the saw tables also matters. If we have a glance over the best table saw reviews on the market, we will notice that the tables are preferred that are more durable and stable
  6. Nut in a shell, the saw table has helped people in working with less time and labor consumption. A best saw table can be purchased from the market, but one only need to run it cautiously and with safety



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