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Six Tips for Decorating a Toddler’s Room for Less

Decorating a room for your toddler can be fun but expensive. There are great ways to cut the costs when decorating your toddler’s room. These cost-cutting methods won’t show up in your final product; an appealing and fun room for your toddler:

  1. Visit your local thrift shop or consignment shop

    If your budget doesn’t allow you to shop at the local furniture store while decorating a room, don’t be afraid to try a thrift or consignment shop. There are certain standards that these second hand store hold too. You don’t have to worry about purchasing a piece of junk that will break down two minutes after you purchase it. Thrift stores sell gently used furniture, bedding, and rugs to refresh your room

  2. Wallpaper in all the right places

    Nursery rooms for toddlers don’t have to be head-to-toe wallpaper. In Wallpaper in all the right placesfact, there many different toddler patterns that work if you use only a 3-4” design right across the top of the wall. Paint the wall a nice neutral color and add a splash of design along the top. If there is a character featured on the wallpaper, you can even cut it out and place it strategically around the room. You can highlight the window with those characters or use them around your child’s headboard.

  3. Opt for a natural, unfinished look

    unfinished lookA good way to cut cost is to leave some pieces of furniture unpainted and unfinished. Decorating a room like this can leave it natural and clean. Leaving the wood exposed will highlight another color that you may have chosen in your toddler’s room. Wood is a color that goes well with most every color of the rainbow. Any shade of wood can be left unpainted and beautiful. Read more ideas on toddler’s bedroom decor ideas

  4. Choose one color and one color only

    toddler boy’s roomSometimes if you focus on only one color, you will save by not going out of your color palette. You can decorate a toddler boy’s room in shades of blue like baby blue, azure, robin’s egg blue, and cyan. You can decorate a toddler girl’s room in shade of pink like salmon, rose, coral, and even hot pink.

  5. Use chalkboard paint for decoration

    Chalkboard paint is very fun and very versatile. For about $40, you chalkboardcan decorate a whole side of your toddler’s wall; decorating a room in its entirety would be too much. It certainly wouldn’t be cost-effective. One wall will do. With a wall for chalkboard drawing, your child can choose how the look of that and wall and the look of the room.

  6. Don’t buy a headboard; make one

    headboardIt is very easy to make a simple, but pretty headboard for your toddler’s room. You can purchase a medium density fiberboard and space them out attractively for a faux-headboard. You can use mirrors at the top of your toddler’s bed. Mirrors may be a big of a trick and dangerous in some bedrooms. Be sure that when decorating the nursery room for toddlers that safety is your number one goal.

Decorating a room for a toddler can be a fun for you and full of stimulations for your toddler. Pink or blue, your Toddler’s Room will be a new little heaven inside your home.

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